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New project upcoming!

2011-01-08 14:18:50 by MagnusHarvest

The new landscape drawing I'm working on! this is the sketch i made, I think its lovely;)

New project upcoming!


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2011-01-08 14:35:32

looks good! what's it gonna be when it's ready? a scene in a movie or a game or rather a standalone picture ?

MagnusHarvest responds:

just a picture, still haven't decided what theme i will use


2011-01-22 09:55:15

thinking of doing it with watercolours, just need some:P


2011-01-22 17:02:13

yeah looks fuckin kool man,
i suck balls at landscape...............alltho i did manage to pull some shit out my ass, allery/#/d2p78dx it took me like 2 week tho XD

MagnusHarvest responds:

thanks, this sketch only took three quartes;) but I'm stil a newb in art